Gantt Chart using MS Excel


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MS Excel can be used as an alternative to track small projects in the absence of either MS Project or Primavera. This is an effective method of project management for small and medium size projects for whom it becomes installing advanced software a costlier affair.

Let us understand how to create Gantt Chart in MS Excel for a small construction project.

Consider the below activities of constructing a one floor residential building (without considering any holidays).


To draw the Gantt Chart, follow the below procedure.

Select the range B2:D17 and go INSERT > BAR > STACKED BAR as shown below.


We can see that the tasks are in reverse order. Right click the tasks on the chart, click Format Axis and check ‘Categories in reverse order’ and click CLOSE.


Right click on the Blue Bars > Format Data Series > Fill > No Fill > Close


The final Gantt Chart is obtained as below.